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Universities Using Cascade

Universities Flying High With Cascade

Check out what some of our wonderful users at universities around the world have to say:


The University of Sydney balances the autonomy of faculties with the need to stay aligned to the overall plan

Sydney University

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Key Challenges:

  • Decentralized structure vs centralized planning requirements
  • Increased regulatory reporting requirements
  • Lack of visibility between teams

Biggest Wins:

  • Increased collaboration
  • Time saved in updating goals and projects
  • Automated dashboard reporting
  • Visual representations of strategic linkages
  • Single-source of truth

"It's really great to have a visual representation that shows the links between the university strategy, the library strategy and then the various projects and tasks."

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Parker University uses Cascade to drive towards leadership in patient-centric healthcare education

Parker University - Cascade Strategy

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Key Challenges:

  • Highly ambitious goals
  • Excel-based reporting was unsustainable and clunky
  • Lack of visibility between teams

Biggest Wins:

  • University-wide transparency
  • Automated tracking via the API
  • Huge ROI vs cost
  • Increased focus and clarity for all staff
  • Single-source of truth

"Cascade is a cool tool. I used to put things in Excel, but it was so hard to keep up with. Cascade is very defined and easy to use."

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