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Build Out Projects, KPIs & More

Cascade is more than just a strategy planning tool - it's a complete goal management system. That means you can add projects, KPIs and any other type of goal, whilst keeping everything aligned to strategy.

Full Goal Management

Goal templates allow you to create as many different types of goals as you like & define how they behave.

Add Tasks, Risks & Issues

Use Cascade as your project management software, with full support for tasks, risks, issues & more..

Create Detailed KPIs

Create detailed KPIs with specific measures, units and rules about how they should be tracked.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Create virtual teams to manage all of your goals, projects and KPIs.

Full Goal Management

Cascade supports any kind of goal that you want to track. Simply configure your templates and how they behave, then add as many goals as you want to your strategic plan.

  • Projects typically have tasks, risks and issues
  • KPIs will have numerical targets broken into regular milestones
  • You can add as many different types of goals as you like
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Add Tasks, Risks & Issues

Each goal can have any number of tasks, risks and issues attached. You can even create additional elements to attach to your goals:

  • Tasks are simple things that you need to do
  • Risks and issues can have scores and formulas
  • Create tasks lists and heat-maps easily using dashboards
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The Goal Designer

KPIs support lots of different options to help you create specific measures that make sense for your organization.

  • Define your units of measurement
  • Define whether KPIs should go up, down or stay the same
  • Break KPIs down into smaller time periods such as monthly, weekly, daily etc
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Collaborate Seamlessly

Everything in Cascade can be owned or shared - giving you the ability to create virtual teams.

  • Select a single goal owner
  • Then add unlimited co-owners
  • Co-owners can manage and update goals themselves
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